List Of Alternative Investments With Significant Returns

Finances can be grown in different ways. One of which is venturing into investments. But for investors to gain more capital, they should not just settle in stock markets. That is because these markets are unpredictable. Even if one wins big, it can never be experienced constantly. The same goes for real estate and other traditional forms of investments. But capitalising on alternative investments brings plenty of advantages. Aside from direct ownership, investors can expect strong incomes without much of the hassles.

No wonder new investors have the courage to try alternative investments. To know several of them, read the sections below.


Cryptocurrency belongs in the top alternative investments. Some people personally never jumped into the hype, but that doesn’t mean there is no value. Cryptocurrency is one of the popular alternative investments because digital currency has been on top of media headlines in the last two to three years. Although some of the hype has slowed down, it’s still alive and well. There are no regulations currently and the volatility can be pretty wild, but this industry might stick around and improve in the years to come. If you do go this route, invest with caution.


Investing in jewellery is another option to consider. But this is not an easy choice. Investing in jewellery requires knowing the market and current trends.

Tax liens

When a property owner fails to pay his or her taxes, the municipality in which the property is located can sell its tax lien. A tax lien is the right to foreclose on a property when the owner has failed to pay taxes. Investors can buy the liens in an auction, paying the amount of taxes owed in return for the right to collect back that money. Tax liens are one of the best alternative investments since investors can benefit from the interest payments from property owners.

Precious metals

Alternative investments like gold and silver and other precious metals in your portfolio may significantly offset the performance of other assets in the categories. That’s because valuable commodities like gold do not move in a cycle with standard investments. Investing in precious metals like gold is one of the top best alternative investments since such metals are commonly regarded as a border against currency fluctuations and inflations. As a result, when inflations affect the buying power of a particular currency – say the euro weakens against the dollar – the price of gold tends to rise. Therefore, it is common to find sophisticated investors investing their money in gold during market and economic downturns.


Typical examples of commodities include grains, gold, beef, oil, and natural gas. Commodities can be an important way for investors to diversify their portfolio. Investing in commodities is one of the top options of an alternative investments company since the price of commodities is what most investors rely on during periods of market volatility. Supply and demand are the driving forces within the commodities market. The scarcity of supply can impact the demand and lead to higher prices.

Start your own business
You can use your money to invest in your own business, which has the potential to produce the highest returns of all your investment choices. It can also fail and cost you a lot of money and sorrow. But starting your own business can produce a steady income and lets it grow over time. Some businesses have very low start-up and ongoing costs. These include virtual or online businesses, like teaching, consulting, coaching, and IT support. One way to approach this is to only put part of your money into a business and invest the rest elsewhere. This approach can save you some sleepless nights. Another approach is to create a part-time business, something you can do on evenings and weekends. That way you don’t have to give up the security of your regular job, and you will be making extra money.

Start-ups and private companies

If you don’t want to own your own business, you may want to consider owning part of someone else’s. Start-up companies that need money can offer shares of their companies on equity crowd funding websites. Start-ups and private companies can take advantage of working with an alternative investments company since investing in one over an equity crowd funding site lets investors own part of it and they’ll get rewarded if the company succeeds. The risk is that if the company fails, you lose part or all your money.

Opting for alternative investments opens big opportunities for business expansions. They secure an investor’s capital without any hassles. By taking note of the alternative investments listed above, investors won’t run out of ways to gain profit. Likewise, they can have a sense of security and sustainability. Only a respectable investment company will be dedicated to assisting investors in making the best choice.